The Well Reading Series

The Well Reading Series was a unique event that featured the exceptional work of playwrights and screenwriters from the DEMASKUS Theater Collective. Performed by the members of DEMASKUS, along with special guests, this one-night-only theatrical reading series celebrated both emerging and established talent. It provided them an opportunity to receive candid feedback from a live audience, as fresh pages were brought to the AWAACC studio before potentially reaching the main stage or the silver screen.

Queen Bess The Brainstormer

From Chains to Gains

Penguin problems in the Galapagos




Written by Leah Lewis

Genre: Children’s Animated Series
Little Lumpy and Her Little Lovelies journey to the Galapagos Islands and encounter a juvenile caper designed to kidnap a penguin from a royal colony and thwart it with ingenuity and teamwork. Featuring special guests from Alumni Theater Company.



Written by Lorenzo E. Boone

Genre: Biopic/Drama
The incredible true story of Bessie Coleman, the first African American woman to become a professional aviatrix and daredevil pilot. Bessie battled bigotry and sexism on her journey from poverty to international  stardom until dying under mysterious circumstances in a fiery plane crash.

8:00 PM


Written by Sharon Lovell

Genre: Sci-fi/Drama
When a big pharma research scientist stumbles upon a lifesaving cure, her superiors go to extreme measures to keep her from going public.

9:00 PM

From Chains to Gains

Written by Dominique Briggs, Monteze Freeland, and Patrice Wade Johnson

Composer: Dwayne Fulton

Genre: Musical/Drama
From Chains to Gains is a musical narrative that travels through history; from Transatlantic trade to Haiti, the shores of New Orleans and to Pittsburgh’s Steeltown we witness the formation of a family – forged in the fires of history’s most trying times. The production is an academic and emotional musical journey through historic time periods, with songs and rhythms from the continent of Africa to the powerful soul stirring Gospel music of today. Audiences will traverse through pain and sorrow, emerge into triumph and victory, and celebrate with an ongoing hope for tomorrow.