Black Mary

Originally produced by DEMASKUS Collective members Charles E. Timbers Jr., Karla C. Payne, Rev. Dr. Leah C. K. Lewis, & Shaunda McDill

Photo Credit: CB Smith-Dahl | Together Pictures

Honor the life of the first African American female United States Star Route mail carrier while partaking in a deeply connected communications experience meant to guide each participant along their personal path to healing and liberation.

more about the project

Lack women are the most resilient and resourceful people on the planet. Time and time again, we have delivered ourselves, our loved ones, communities, and nations. Freedom is our quest. How will we know when we’re free? BLACK MARY is an interactive above ground journey to personal freedom t hrough community correspondence and connectivity. Based upon the life of Mary Fields (known also as “Black Mary”), the first Black female U.S. star route mail carrier, deemed “one of the freest souls ever to draw a breath, or a .38,” the U.S. Star Route mail carrier will be remembered through the performance of the works created in a newly formed community forged through the mail engagement. Actors will cultivate meaningful experiences for each participant through daily text messages and weekly challenges meant to guide each participant along their personal path to healing and liberation.

details for participation

Black Mary’s mail engagement will take place for four weeks and requires a physical mailbox (residential, business, or PO Box) and a virtual inbox (email or text) to receive materials and messages. Participants will also need internet access to view the online finale event. After purchasing a ticket, participants will receive a personalized email with guidance for the  start of their journey. Prompts will direct participants throughout the month.  Journal entries will be utilized to inform the script for the final presentation.

purchase & customize the experience

Individuals, groups, and academic institutions will soon be able to custimize and purchase the previously sold out experience. Details are forthcoming.